Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Take a Sandwich to Lunch in a Brown Paper Bag Day

Since I see no way the ruling class (those who got us into this mess) can turn America around and stop the downfall, I suggest this;

Schools:  The federal government has made a mess out of the school system and now they want to include your child in a mandatory nursery school program. Why? What is the parent of a child responsible for these days?  When the government starts a program, any program, expect it to increase in size and scope expeditiously.  Anyone who would even think they could trim the size of government are from another planet.  The plan is, and has succeeded, more than 50% of followers and receivers of some sort of check or service from the federal government.

More programs, more paperwork, more regulations and money going to the government and less services for it. Take a look at Detroit, how is that going to come back? I see it, being a small business owner.  In fact, the government will again define a 'small business' as fewer than 100, not 50 as
previously defined or 25 as defined before that. 

Newly proposed federal regulations aimed at the snack foods and drinks served in the nation's schools could come with a hefty price tag.
The American Action Forum estimates the regulations, which include caps on serving sizes and calorie counts, will cost schools $127 million and require more than 926,000 hours of paperwork.
Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the institute, says the proposals amount to yet another unfunded federal mandate for state and local governments, "at a time when many of their budgets are still struggling."
The Food and Nutrition Service regulations would be administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which says schools in at least 39 states already have some kind of snack food standards in place. Thousands of schools "have already taken voluntary steps towards

 Is it too late, yes.  In some school districts a student is not even allowed to bring their own lunch to school with out it being inspected by a teacher!  In some school districts no Pledge of Allegiance or recess is allowed.  As far as the books these kids are learning from?
I have two grand kids, fifth and sixth grade, high honors.  I can see the day that class room teachers  'average' test scores so no one feels inferior because they scored a C and not an A on the spelling test. Call me wrong, but I never thought an entire school sports team would be receiving trophies, showing up for the game or playing poorly not a consideration.  

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