Thursday, March 21, 2013

   Boy, did not realize how long it has been since posted.  Well, I am still alive and I have been keeping up with our government thru Tweets and on Facebook.
  Sad to see the Democratic party and some in the Republican party still deny we have a spending problem and refuse to cut spending.  I do know on reason, our government has gotten way too big and out of control to keep track of all departments and what goes on in each.  That aside, did you know that over 100,000 government employees are above you and me and feel it is not a priority to pay their income taxes? The cry from the government is I need to pay more but some of you are EXEMPT. 
  Every day I am told increases needed to run local government for schools and to pay the cops of 3% or more yet my paycheck stays the same or shrinks.  How is that going to turn out? 
  We have a bridge repair in town that has been going on for five years and are now told it will take another five years till completion.  If I ran my company like that I would have gone out of business years ago and not have seen our 67th year.
  So close your eyes and ears to the truth, but I think we have passed the tipping point and will soon look like Greece once our government stops printing money and raising taxes on the few of us who are left that actually pay them!


(ANSA) - Catanzaro, March 20 - A former top official of Italy's corrections police saw his monthly pension slashed to two euros from an expected 1,686 euros, sparking complaints by the retired commander's colleagues.
The case occurred in Lamezia Terme, in southern Italy, and was referred to the penitentiary police officers' union, which said the pensioner's situation was particularly critical given the current economic recession.
The union contested the slimmed-down monthly pension packet - itself the result of a back taxes claim - saying that "what occurred is unacceptable" and that the incident could have been avoided had the pensioner been alerted to the claim in time to request a payback plan in installments.


  1. I am gald to see you posting again.
    The country is between a rock and a hard place.

    1. Yes, sad how it has gone so far past recovery of the country we once knew. We are making plans for worse days to come, pessimistic as it is..................


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