Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sky is Falling, Again

    Yes I am hear at my desk at work.  The news just keeps getting worse as our country prepares for the end of the world as we know it.  Yes, if we start to just hint of cutting back on government spending, we are bad people and are in for hardships only Greece and soon Italy can talk about, what?
We in the private sector have been cutting back and working longer hours for many a year now and I think we can ask the government employees to do the same.

Howie Carr:

Obama and his common nightwalkers in the media are trotting out the exact same scare tactics that the local teachers’ unions and assorted municipal layabouts have been employing to frighten the bejesus out of taxpayers around here for decades.
It happens every spring. The schools need more money. The voters yawn. The school superintendent ups the ante and says, well, if you don’t give us the extra money then the first thing we’ll have to cut is the high school football team. Followed by the band. Not the third assistant associate deputy senior school superintendent making $120,000, but the football team.
Then the selectmen threaten to close a fire station. Or lay off cops. The town dump? No longer open on weekends.
The problem for the hacks is, this shakedown may work the first time, maybe even the second. But as Barack Obama is now complaining privately, eventually the law of diminishing returns sets in. Before he embarked on this latest the-sky-is-falling campaign, perhaps Barack should have consulted with the little boy who cried wolf.

    The taxpayer again will be 'punished'.  You mean to tell me instead of cutting the football team you can't cut the third assistant associate deputy senior school superintendent making $120,000.00 per year????? 
   Let's face facts, the government is so large and has so many inept and unqualified employees (Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, Janet Napoitano) we could certainly part with some and the so called programs and departments they badly oversee!  The one good part of all this is that the country will implode sooner than later and those left can start to rebuild.  Now who is the ass?

   Now back to work for me, I have many I am working to support, some even my own family members.

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