Monday, February 25, 2013

Did you hear, Italy is voting

    Although some coverage is seen in the mainstream media about the new Pope, nothing about the Italian people voting?  Some in this country, including the ruling class, are bond to have us look more like Europe, and yet no word on how that's working out for those people and if they can even turn around a bad situation of recession and monumental unemployment in those countries.
   Are we to believe that our politicians will lead us down the path of no return? Is is too late to turn America around and out of the doomed policies of the progressive party?  I for one am preparing for worse times before better ones.  Please remember that those politicians who got us into this mess are the ones that foolish limited informed are voting for to get us out of this mess!

ROME, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Italians voted for a second and final day in a general election on Monday with a surge in protest votes increasing the risk of an unstable outcome that could undermine Europe's efforts to end its three-year debt crisis.
Opinion polls give the centre-left coalition led by former Industry Minister Pier Luigi Bersani a narrow lead but the race has been thrown wide open by the prospect of protest votes against austerity and corporate and political scandals.
"I'm sick of the scandals and the stealing," said Paolo Gentile, a 49-year-old Rome lawyer who said he had voted for the 5-Star Movement, an anti-establishment protest group set to make a huge impact at its first general election.
"We need some young, new people in parliament, not the old parties that are totally discredited," he said.
Most of the voters interviewed outside polling stations by Reuters on Sunday and Monday expected the next government would quickly collapse, thwarting efforts to end an economic crisis.
"I'm very pessimistic, I don't think that whoever wins will last long or be able to solve the problems of this country," said Cristiano Reale, a 43 year-old salesman in Palermo,

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