Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Questionable Choices

Have I mentioned that states are broke and need money to honor large pensions and wage increases promised years ago when revenues were high.  Obama is pushing for more 'stimulus' and where and to whom will that bag of funny money go?

I think this would be a good place for me to interject my solution to prevent the country from falling over the fiscal cliff.............STOP SPENDING MONEY!  Sounds simple enough to me, anyway to continue.

I know I have talked about all these cameras now in place at traffic lights.  Seems like a second issue along with privacy has come up in regards to said?

Like those Prego commercial on TV, what other questionable choices have we allowed our government to decide for us in the name of protection and the common good.

NYC accused of rigging red lights in class-action suit

Now New York City is facing a class-action lawsuit. The city is accused of rigging the lights to catch more drivers and write more tickets.

They're so-called "gotcha" cameras, mounted at intersections. Their photos catch and help ticket drivers running red lights. New York City had them first in 1998.

Robert Sinclair, AAA motor club New York spokesperson said, "Red light cameras are to prevent the very dangerous, so called, T-Bone crashes, where you have the front of vehicle running into the side of another. We are in favor, in concept, of the red light cameras, but they have to be done to certain engineering criteria."

By federal law, drivers have to have enough time to get through a yellow light -- three seconds at the typical 30-mile-per-hour intersection.

Back in October, engineers at AAA New York discovered a problem. At some city intersections with the cameras, the yellow lights were almost a half-second too fast.

Red light violators who later had to pay up now feel set up. Sinclair said, "Well, when the amber lights are too short, people are getting cited, we think, unfairly. If you're timing them too short, then it just becomes a revenue enhancement tool and it erodes support for a red-light camera program."


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