Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Won't Like It..........

     This story was told to me by my husband this morning upon arriving to work before I even got my coat off.
     He has been running our business for over forty years now -  thought we would be able to retire at this point.......not yet.
    Every work day he is out the door by 5:15AM, at the latest, and has his usual routine as follows: heads to the Dunkin Donuts, orders a coffee and plain donut, retrieves the morning paper from the machine and heads to the shop to start his day.
  Sometimes he gets his order right and the paper is where it should be at that time of the morning.  He likes to start his day informed.  By the time I come into the office at 7:00AM, he is out the door but has not forgotten to leave the paper on my desk with all the sorry news I should read marked in red marker with his comments on said also written in bold letters with bold expletives added.
  Today, which is not unusual, the paper was not in the machine so he had to head to another Dunkin Donuts in town.  He made it just as the delivery person was filling the machine with today's newspaper.  The funniest thing happened before the delivery man filled the machine. This man handed my husband his paper first and said in a thick accent that sounded Russian of origin,
"This one is free for you."  My husband thanked the man but he had never been handed the paper before for free!  When he got back into his truck he realized it had been parked in front of this man who just delivered these newspapers.  
  This is where I will tell you that about three years ago when we started going to 'Tea Party' meetings, my husband had some bumper stickers made with his own money to maybe sell or at the least hand out to anyone interested.  He has not made his money back on that project but we have given many out and that sticker is located on the back of his pick-up truck for all to see and think about. 
   My husband signed up during the Vietnamese war but could not get into the Navy because of bad knees.  His father was in the National Guard during WWII and his uncle also served as did my father and uncles.  
  Oh, I almost forgot, this is the bumper sticker that he had made and that the paper delivery man saw on the back of is truck this morning.


Do you think this sticker might have meant something to that delivery man?

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