Monday, December 3, 2012

America is dying

This was sent to me this morning and am sharing it with you, sad and oh so true.

How is America going to come back in four or even five years?  How can you tell people that you are going to be taking away their food or checks government has been suppling for years?
If my credit card or my insurance or my electric light or my mortgage is not paid by me it is shut off or foreclosed upon.  Now the norm is for 'government' to step in and buy up the debt.  We hear the president wants to forgive all college loan debt? what?

Who's to pay, who's to work, what is our country teaching. Are longer school days going to turn out more inelegant adults? 

 Here is where I proudly and shamelessly congratulate my 6th grade grand-son for making the honor roll in school.  Yes! And how proud am I of his father, my son, and his mother who sure enough helped in this achievement.

Our dollar is worthless, our debt is astronomical, our taxes are too high, government is too intrusive, cost of living is ever-rising, wages are stagnant,   other countries don't respect us, terrorists are plotting our destruction,  there are no jobs, there is a war on job creators,  we're soon to be punished if we try to invest,  when we die the government wants even more of what we earned and we can't give it all to our kids,  liberals do not like to be told what is moral but then want to jam their ideals down everyone else's throat, with every law/regulation our freedoms are diminished, businesses are regulated to death and the costs of those regulations are passed on to consumers,  private unions pay/benefits drive up the costs Americans have to pay for things, public unions pay/benefits  drive up the taxes that everyone else has to pay.  The government charges a tax on people who do not do as the government wants (Obamacare).   All our politicians want is POWER and the "folks" get the shaft.  Welcome to the "new" America.  I remember what the old America was about - Freedom and Prosperity.   What is really scary is that most Americans want it this "new" way.  Will America wake up or are we doomed to a irreversible and pitiable end?   I don't care if the liberals rot and languish in what they are doing but they are going to take a lot of really good people down with them.  Future historians will shake their heads and wonder why the people of America decided to destroy themselves.

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