Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Making a Choice

  Just so I make the right choice when the time comes for voting for president this November:

         Just on the first night of watching the Democratic Convention I am left with the opinion that women are a big concern of the party but not so much God.  Government is all one needs to get by in this world,  government will take care of me and my family from birth to grave.  If I vote Republican, women will loose the right of me paying for all their 'productive' services.  If I vote Democrat, only the rich will pay taxes and the word illegal is no more.  In closing, nothing much said about the private sector, the increased national debt and how the hell our country can ever pay down said debt.
       I guess I just have to continue watching to hear how the Democrats will trim government spending and waste and tell all us private small family business owners how much more money we need to sign over to the government to keep all the dependents alive!  I bet this week I will finally learn where the Golden Goose is hiding.

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