Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Will the Democratic Mayor of San Antonio Talk About

   A mayor or a governor or a president will only be doing as well as the town or state that they have been elected to govern.  You will not see a debt clock but you will see women and Hispanics heavily displayed.
When the mayor of San Antonio is spotlighted we will see if he speaks highly of those making his community prosper, those which includes the oil companies and land owners/developers...........

FLORESVILLE — Dottie Pundt's family has owned land here for 130 years, and for the first time she's sensing a real business opportunity.
Instead of relying on cattle grazing and hunting leases that just manage to pay the taxes, Pundt, her son and a business partner have built 20 cabins on her property, which fronts U.S. 181.
They're trying to capture some of the oil-field-related workers who are pouring into South Texas thanks to a drilling boom in the Eagle Ford Shale formation, which sweeps from the border across the state to East Texas.
But others have found success capturing a more elusive market — oil company mangers and executives who are buying permanent homes — at a time when many communities have seen just tent cities and overnight RV parks.
Floresville is finding itself in something of a sweet spot these days: within driving distance of shale work and about 25 miles southeast of San Antonio.
New home construction and the residential resale market have picked up thanks to the oil industry. Two hotels are under construction on U.S. 181 in Floresville and sales tax receipts by August were up 29 percent over the first eight months of 2011, according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Pundt's Live Oak Lodges opened Aug. 3 and have been basically full since. At $100 a night, they include double beds, cable, Wi-Fi and a kitchenette and refrigerator.
“I'm hoping that this is the first time in my family's history that the land will be an asset and not a liability,” Pundt said.       more:

Damn those who continue to take the risk and create the jobs!!!!!!!!  Damn those oil fields and those stock holders too!!!!!  And they say there is a war of women?????


  1. Most of the narcos from Guadalajara have homes in San Antonio. They've taken advantage of low housing prices to build mansions there. Sort of a get-away from Mexico. And with lax border controls, they cross with ease.

  2. People will go where the jobs are, now where the people come from- this government does not care.


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