Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heads up to the Socialists

     For those of you who see our country turning more to the socialist plan and think what a great plan it will be, please to turn your heads out of the ? and again look overseas to see what that plan will hold.

FRANCE'S richest man, Bernard Arnault, has denied that he intends to go into tax exile after revealing that he has applied for double Franco-Belgian nationality.
With a fortune estimated by finance magazine Forbes to be €32billion - making him the fourth wealthiest in the world - the boss of luxury goods firm LVMH, said: "I am and will remain a tax resident in France and I will, like all French people, fulfil my fiscal obligations.
"Our country must count on everyone to do their bit to face a deep economic crisis amid strict budgetary constraints."
The bid for Belgian nationality began several months ago, he said, and was "linked to personal reasons".
Although Arnault quit France for the US under the last Socialist government in 1981, his statement said there was no "political interpretation".
However, former prime minister Fran├žois Fillon directly blamed the government of President Hollande, saying: “When you take stupid decisions you get these troubling results. The head of one of the best businesses in the world, which symbolises French savoir faire and success, known the world over, may be led to change nationality because of the tax policy followed in this country. It is disastrous.”
National Front leader Marine Le Pen said Arnault's move was "scandalous behaviour".
 The war on the rich seems to be working for the progressives, no pun intended, if you read the poles.  But those silly rich and job creators will leave and take their wealth with them.  Because they can.

(ANSA) - Milan, September 11 - Decisions taken by the government have "partly aggravated the economic situation in Italy," Premier Mario Monti said on Tuesday.
Monti, speaking at the opening of Milano Unica, the annual textile trade show held at the northern city's Fieramilanocity trade-fair complex, said that "only a fool can think of wiping out a disease that has lasted for decades without causing some short-term deterioration of the situation".
The premier arrived for the opening ceremony of Milano Unica together with Confindustria President Giorgio Squinzi.

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