Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Yes, The Chicago Teachers Strike

    Seems as if the hard times and the reality of the past four years is catching up with the public sector.
For the most part while we were downsizing and taking a cut in pay, if not loosing our jobs completely, the public sector, police and fire and teachers to name a few, have had their contracts honored and now look to repeat the generous, if not unrealistic, contract process.
   The standard of living has gone down for many in these United States and the time has come for the same reality to hit the states ergo, California for one and Chicago for two!

    Time to end the strike and go back to school and learn something..............including the kids!

Teachers in Shanghai will be the first nationwide to undergo exams every five years to keep their jobs, Beijing News reported.
The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SMEC) is the first city in the country to stop the nationwide one-time certification system for primary and middle school teachers.
Teachers will have to re-qualify every five years until they have passed five consecutive tests, according to Zhou Jingtai, director of the personnel department of the SMEC.
Teachers will be tested on their professional ethics, skills and quantity of work. Those who fail the exam will not be allowed to continue teaching, according to the report.
The new rule has come into force from late August in Shanghai. It will also be extended to Beijing, and the provinces of Gansu and Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

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  1. Over 25% of the hand made signs held by striking "teachers" in downtown Chicago, that I saw, had either spelling or grammatical errors.
    I wonder why these kids can't read?


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