Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ruling by King O, who needs a Constitution anyway

WASHINGTON –  President Obama is set to give 10 states a pass regarding an approaching deadline under the No Child Left Behind law, after the states struggled to meet the proficiency standards for reading and math. 
The executive action will circumvent Congress, which has been stuck on how to rewrite the law. A White House official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday that the 10 states will receive "flexibility" allowing them to miss 2014 targets for student proficiency. However, those states will be required to set new targets, and implement "comprehensive" plans to reward high-performing schools, punish low-performing schools, prepare students for college and the work force and evaluate school officials.


Mass. seeks waiver from 'No Child Left Behind'

       Again, comes a program from the federal government so wonderful and necessary (Obamacare) that states are being granted waivers to implement it.   This man in the White House has the attitude of King George. 

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