Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just feeling a little Sad today...............

How sad to see Justice Ruth Ginsburg  discussing on TV how the African Constitution is better than the Constitution of the United States, the one she vowed to serve!

California judges cut down the peoples' vote on gay marriage and those on The Talk and their ordinance cheer?  What ever happened to majority rule and let the people vote! The courts in Massachusetts would not even allow the people to vote on gay marriage and the definitions of such.  We too, years before this issue, voted for the death penalty and that vote by the people was overturned by those wiser sitting on the appointed courts.

The assault on religion, not Islam, continues with the changing of an Air Force unit patch.  How much more can we take, or will we take?

Forget about the endangered species act, that animal you have just might be a slave.

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