Thursday, February 9, 2012

What You May Not Know about Unions and Where afraid to Ask

Financial Information Sept 2011   

Annual Dues Paid to Unions: $8,217,838,676
Total Union Assets: $8,804,794,935
Total Spending
Representational Activities: $4,081,097,858
Political Activities: $579,624,489
External Contributions: $321,121,214
Overhead: $3,905,927,269
Unions that fail to pass Department of Labor audits: 92%
Percentage of Employees that Voted for their union: Less than 10%
Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Labor Relations Board indicates that less than 10 percent of currently unionized employees voted for the union in their workplace.
Union Officials
Total union officers and staff members: 173,503 people
Total compensation paid to union officials and officers: $1,141,540,980
Total compensation paid to union employees: $2,562,757,481


Major Unions with White Presidents: 94%
Major Unions with Male Presidents: 89%

Labor Law Violations

Unfair Labor Practices filed against unions in the last 10 years: 65,529
Duty of Fair Representation 32,235
Hiring Halls 2,236
Actions of Picketers 1,742
Union Security Related (including Beck) 1,636
Coercive Statements 1,376
Source: National Labor Relations Board Case Activity Tracking System database.

Union Membership as a percentage of total U.S. Labor Force

Total Union Members: 14.7 Million
Percentage of Workforce that is Unionized: 11.9%
Private Sector Employees: 7.0 million (6.9%)
Public Sector Employees: 7.6 million (36.2%)
Source: analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics ‘ Current Population Survey.
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