Monday, February 6, 2012

Who Really Cares about the stupid Superbowl anyway?

     I should congratulate the New York Giants on their winning yesterday at the Superbowl.  Yes I should but I will not.  I will have to endure days of clips on TV and Tweets and even my own crew wearing NYG caps.....that's enough.  Too bad the Patriots did not show up for the game?????

   How bout that half time show though?  That $uck$$ also.  Madonna now, really?  This old woman lip sang to her own hits and looked as if she suffered from arthritis when she made the attempt to dance.  Those people on stage, especially the person who gave the finger, classy...  It is still a family show with no need of foul language, (or really bad calls on the field) never mind in the homes of the Patriot fans!  I'm just saying.

   For me, the pre game was the best of the whole night.  The singing was great and the words were remembered to the Star Spangle Banner.  Time to move on.

  Has anyone thought that president Obama might be to blame for this fiasco of a loss by the Patriots, being snubbed at the White House when the (Champion) Boston Bruin's member did not show up with the team............hmmmmmm

           Go Red Sox!


  1. I DO! I'm in the BBQ business, this event gets my business out of the January doldrums!

  2. I know, I was just kidding! and I love BBQ!


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