Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boost for jobless youth

  How many of you remember or heard stories of people learning a craft or a trade from a tradesman himself?
Years ago, in the America some might remember, we too would help the company teach the youth in an apprentice program.  The youth would work at a lower rate of pay from the company while being subsidized by the government.  A win win for both which beats just signing unemployment checks and gives an opportunity for those who might want to learn a trade.  I, like Mr. Santorum, believe not all need to get a college education to make a good living..................... if and when the jobs do come back. 


The government has announced  a series of measures and set up a commission to curb the growing unemployment of youngsters aged 15 to 24 in Portugal which has hit  an all-time high of  35.4 percent. The move centres around providing companies with financial support and encouraging them to hire young staff while also giving workers the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.
 The main measure is the creation of the ‘Estímulo 2012’ programme, which offers financial support for companies looking to employ young people who have been signed up as unemployed for at least six consecutive months.

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