Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Look away President Obama

Because of  these days of out-or-money cities and towns I see fees and licensing steadily increasing.  Building permits have now hit 10% of the entire project, not counting electrical and plumbing.  We keep hearing we should pay our "fair share" while only 49% of us pay any income taxes at all.  Leave it to those cooky socialists in France to find the answer to all the governments' money trouble.  Tax the Rich, no really Tax the Rich!

SOCIALIST presidential candidate Fran├žois Hollande says he would introduce a top tax band of 75% for incomes of more than e1 million a year.
Speaking on TF1's news programme Parole de Candidat he said he did not "accept excessive wealth" and planned to sweep away tax breaks introduced by President Sarkozy.
He was not against people getting fair reward: "I appreciate talent, work, merit, of those who create and enable France to move forward. I do not agree with excessive wealth - and compensation that has no connection with talent, intelligence or effort.
Noting the "considerable growth" in the salaries of CAC-40 executives he said he did not agree with the "scandalous number of stock options" awarded.
Hollande added: "How can we accept that? It's not possible to have this level of remuneration" he favoured a "simple rule: income from capital should be taxed like the income from work".
The 75% tax rate would be the top band, with an additional slice of 45% on incomes above e150,000 a year.

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