Friday, November 18, 2011

Going to Hell in a Hand Basket

   The Church my husband and I got married in is no more.  Gone are many of our Catholic Churches by way of the Vatican.  Money was needed to pay all the child abuse charges and Sunday Mass attendance has been declining for years.  Soon a large Church in Salem will also be demolished to make room for housing.  Back in the day, these churches were physically and monetarily build from and with the sweat of the Polish, Italian, and French immigrants who came to this country to work and pray, legally of course.  Today comes news the the Catholic Church intends to buy the Crystal Cathedral...................What and Why?????


A federal bank bankruptcy judge ruled late Thursday that the Orange diocese can buy the building for $57.5 million.The 31-year-old glass structure, designed by architect Philip Johnson, was created by church founder Robert Schuller, who conducted services and broadcast his worldwide Hour of Power television program from there.


  1. we're not going, we are already there.

  2. point taken.... you are correct...what happens next


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