Friday, November 18, 2011

Stationed at my post at "Occupy Office While Making a Paycheck and Paying Taxes for my Government to Spend Unwisely"

    Yes, I am here, since 7:08 this morning.  Because TV and print is so limited on informing of all that is happening overseas, I do check for myself via the web.  Being the skeptic of all media and realist at heart,  I do not believe everything I read or what people tell me to be true.  The Occupy movement is getting a little old if not down right dangerous.  The police are getting plenty of overtime, taking plenty injuries for the survice and and funds are not there to pay them. Will more have to be hired while some are out of work on worker's comp?  We in the Tea Party never hurt anyone let alone stop anyone from going to work and making a living.  The unions are now heavily entrenched in the Occupy movement and we will see more journalist and young people joining the ranks of the ill informed and just don't give a damns. 

Italian author who has been living under police protection since
the publication of his Naples mafia expose' Gomorrah in 2006,
announced Friday on Twitter he will speak before Occupy Wall
Street demonstrators in New York City. "I am happy to have been invited by the organizers of
Occupy Wall Street to talk about how the economic crisis is
being exploited by the mafia in order to gain more and more
money and power," he said in a related video statement.
Saviano, 32, invited attendants to come to Zuccotti Park on
Saturday at noon to stand against the "financial Camorra", a
reference to the Neapolitan mafia that threatened to kill him
after his book revealed their reach and corruption to an
international public and was turned into an award-winning film
of the same name.

       Back to work for me............

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  1. Yeah, I guess that this is just a respectful group of productive, law abiding, citizens who's ideas and demands are embraced by everyone in the U.S. or at least 99 percent of them. Nothing at all like those racist and disruptive Teabaggers

    I’m sorry, but unfortunately my mind is clouded by conservatism and the truth so I'm unable to join these ignoramuses in fantasy land.


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