Monday, November 21, 2011

Who says we don't look like Greece

   For the many who say we are not like Greece I say, read it and weep.  What public employee here in the states would give up a raise or pension increase for the good of the community, never mind that the community is out of money. Our mindless wonders in town are solving the shortfall of dollars by decreasing the services, not the pay scale like us in the private sector. Yes, the library will only have the lawn cut twice a season instead of three times.....  And as far as bonuses go, I will only say the two words Fannie and Freddie!

Speaking on Skai TV, Giorgos Koutroumanis said that unless Greece's creditors agree to disburse 8 billion euros of funding within the month, the state may be unable to pay workers' Christmas bonuses or pensions for January.
He also said that subsidiary are in for further reductions of up to 20 percent, and maybe even 50 percent, over the course of a few months, while this reduction will probably also affect existing pensioners and not just newly pensioned workers.
The labor minister said that the simultaneous payment of salaries, social security benefits and income tax will begin on March 1, adding that the so-called «work card,» or an electronic record of payments, will also go into effect on the same date and that businesses using the electronic system may be given a break on social security payments by up to 10 percent.

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