Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looking over the Presidential Candidates One by One

    I have a few free minutes at work so I thought I would look up some information on the Republicans now running to defeat Obama in the next election. 
    I took a look at Herman Cain's bio and his own web site.  It seems we both have much more in common than just a business background.  Now that I am older, I am cautious as to believe everything I read or everything that one says.  I like the fair tax and getting rid of the death tax and his view on private job creation as he has been there and knows what makes a company work.  Like Mr. Romney, he has worked extensively in the dreaded private sector.
   I am a registered Independent and am told my vote is up for grabs.  I did not vote for Mr. Obama because I thought him to be of little experience, but a good speech reader. 
   I have not made my final decision yet but I know for one thing I still will not vote for Mr. Obama.  If I do not vote for him does that make me a racist.  I might vote for Mr. Cain, does that prove I am not a racist?  If I vote for Mr. Romney, does that mean I am a racist?  Now I am really confused and will stick with the decision I make to vote for the man I think will be a help to bring the country back and who's views agree with mine, no matter what color he or she may be.


  1. I think that we have to convince Chris Christy to run. The others don't seem to have what it takes.

  2. Governor Christie is a fine potential candidate. I hope he decides soon what he would like to do. If nominated, he would have an excellent chance to defeat President Obama. I think Romney, Christie, and possibly Cain would all be successful contenders versus Obama. The country is in a big mess, and Obama's socialist policies have made it worse. Barring a giant upswing in employment between now and the elections, Obama and Democrats generally are likely to experience another shellacking in 2012.


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