Friday, September 30, 2011

Sign of the Times

   I saw this and actually laughed out loud ( yes, even I laugh ).  It is a fact that our post office is in the red and ready to go bankrupt while waiting for government hand outs.  The fact that the post office wants stamps to be issued with pictures of  living people on them does not change the fact that somethings are destined to disappear, some fast some faster.
Would delivering the mail on only one day a week along with the disappearing mail boxes help with the dwindling usage or generous compensation and retirement packages? Unsustainable

FROM tomorrow La Poste is launching a new “eco-friendly” stamp – and has a new “online letter”.
The new “green letter” rate will take two days for delivery rather than one with the standard lettre prioritaire.
The stamp (57 centimes instead of 60) shows a green-coloured Marianne against a leaf shape and says “lettre verte” – because the slower delivery rate means it does not have to be sent by airmail, with its connotations of fuel-guzzling.
In fact, though the new stamp is being released with a big fanfare, it comes on top of an existing “green” option, the grey 55 centime ├ęcopli stamp, which takes up to four days – making for a three-speed post.

  Yes "eco-friendly" green does not guarantee that you stay out of the red

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