Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Need a Leader, Not a Reader

    Boy, who would think of any truly important reason to call back one's governmental body?  Let's make it clear that, say, some financial crisis or policy change or rating down grade would surly demand the same action in this country.
   Times are tough around the world and it will only be getting tougher. We have had riots in this country when everyone was able to get food on the table.
   Once looked upon as a leader in the world, America has joined the ranks of  'just another seat at the table'.  We need a leader, not a reader.  Can we at least revisit the topic of term limits ( Frank, Kerry, McCain, Pelosi, Harry) for all our government officials, not just the president of the United States......

David Cameron announces recall of parliament over riots

 There would also be many more arrests, he said, and court proceedings would be speeded up to enable offenders to be punish quickly.Cameron spoke after a meeting of the government's emergency committee, Cobra, which was attended by senior ministers including the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, and Theresa May, the home secretary, as well as Tim Godwin, the acting commissioner of the Metropolitan police."People should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain's streets and make them safe for the law-abiding," Cameron said.

  At least the man  SAID SOMETHING!

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