Monday, August 8, 2011

Senator Kerry in his Wisdom (sarcasm)

How embarrassing this man is. He is the problem and not the solution. People like this have spent too much time in Washington and are no way in touch with the people they are to be represented. I fear things will just spiral down because our government chooses to blame the Tea Party and not focus on the problems that they created. Lets start by dissolving some heavy handed federal commissions and agencies and turn the rest over to the dreaded private sector. The Post Office and EPA are two that come to mind.


  1. Great start.
    Lets privatize 90% of the government agencies.

  2. It is really not that hard to figure out where to cut. All of us have to downsize and make the sacrifice. I still think we would be better off with eliminating 90% of federal agencies and privatize what's left.


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