Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Obama’s Uncle Arrested For Drunk Driving In Framingham

BOSTON (CBS) – An illegal immigrant from Kenya who was arrested for drunk driving in Framingham recently is an uncle of President Barack Obama, the White House confirmed to CBS News.
Onyango Obama, also known as Uncle Omar, was arrested last Wednesday, August 24 after police say he nearly ran his SUV into a police cruiser and later failed several sobriety tests outside a restaurant on Route 135 in Framingham.
Police said the 67-year-old ran a stop sign and was drunk when they pulled him over.
Documents obtained by WBZ-TV show when Onynago was asked if he wanted to make a phone call following his arrest, he responded, “I think I will call the White House.”

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  1. The Obama family has a bad habit of driving drunk (as illegal aliens) and smashing into things. BHO's dad had steel legs from doing the same thing. Maybe bad judgment is in the genes?


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