Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fresh of the Gulf Course, The President's Priority is now Jobs

       With heightened anticipation I await the President's job plan. We are told it is due next month and surely to finally get the economy growing and every union worker working at a pace not seen since the last stimulus.  Better late than never.  Why this wasn’t a priority long  before this…….who knows.   Oh, socialized medicine was more of a priority back then and will still keep lawyers working for some time to come.
      Anyway, I hear that one of his recommendations will again be to again extend unemployment checks for the 'unemployed'.   I hope if he does think of doing this he will also think of re-definition the word unemployed.  I think the word unemployed needs a new definition like, almost unemployed………..ya. 
      Many jobs will not be coming back and many workers will have to take a job that surely pays far less than what they were making before this great recession. Many who are collecting those unemployed checks (wink, wink,) are still working for cash.  Some are lucky to have a federal or state job and are able to work for cash in a trade during the day.  Some are working as 'independent contractors' and still heading to the union hall to check in just in case a mandated, stimulus funded, roads, Big Dig repair or other 'infrastructure' job is up for grabs.  Because of this fact, I say time for a federal sales tax so all will pay taxes not just a few.
    Well, we will have to wait and see.  In the mean time, small family run businesses are still getting smaller and fewer and will soon be gone and taken over by the 'big box' stores.  No more small family run hardware or grocery or restaurants for that matter.  In my area gas stations are also being built at BJ's supper stores.  I don't begrudge change, but I do question to what end and at what cost.
     So Mr. President, I will  wait and listen to your plan, partly written by Harvard taught professors and delivered by a talented communicator……….. but jobs creator??????????
I think not.

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