Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time to pick the Apples

     I am not a big fan of tax breaks simply because they do not always work and they are unfair to small business who have been paying and running their businesses for years with no so called breaks.  I am a fan of private business and would like to send this news out to the city of Peabody who for years has been running an apple orchard. 

The Leominster City Council has approved tax breaks for New England Apple Products, a cider-producing company relocating to 320 Industrial Road, the Sentinel & Enterprise reports.
The tax breaks are actually for Benovations LLC, which will operate under the name New England Apple, and as the Sentinel & Enterprise reports, the breaks clear the way for bigger income-tax relief from the state.

This just in: Update on my why does the city of Salem run a golf course.  The thought of privatizing is now turned into another job and or hack appointment to be paid by the residence of Salem. 

SALEM — Five months after a failed attempt to privatize the municipal golf course, the city is seeking outside management services at Olde Salem Greens.
This time, rather than turning the public course over to a private firm for a specified number of years, the city wants to hire an outside manager who would work under the course superintendent and the Park Department.
This new individual, who would be a city vendor, will oversee the operation and finances of the clubhouse, freeing the superintendent to focus almost exclusively on the physical condition of the nine-hole course, officials said.
The new position was strongly recommended by a consultant's study a few years ago, according to Park Director Doug Bollen.
The city hopes to do more community outreach and marketing to increase the use and revenues, and also plans to have weekend supervision.
"We really didn't have management up there on weekends," Bollen said. Weekends, he said, "will be a major part of their job."

OMG............five long months of searching!

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