Monday, August 29, 2011

Sign 'Good Conduct' Pledge

Are ya listening Verizon workers?

Production at a Maruti Suzuki plant halted on August 29 as India's top carmaker locked out its workers, demanding they sign a "good conduct" pledge following alleged sabotage, the company said.
The Japanese-controlled company said it had asked all workers to sign what it called a "good conduct" bond, promising they would not sabotage production, resort to go-slow tactics or otherwise hamper output at its Manesar plant.
"Production is right now at a stop," said a company spokesman, who declined to be named, citing company policy.
It was the third dispute to affect production at Maruti in three months.
The 2,000 workers were not being allowed back into the factory, one of two operated by Maruti in the northern Indian state of Haryana, until they had signed the pledge, the company said.

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