Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bonuses: The givers and the takers

         We have seen the worker riots in Europe in the mists of governments trying to restructure their debt.  No one likes to get a cut in pay (me) or lose a good paying job.  Unions here, backed by our government, are demanding higher pay, no layoffs, and continuation of unfunded pensions.  More politicians are voting to increase taxes than to deal with the thought of bankruptcy.   I do not feel it prudent to hike my taxes as I have already taken a pay cut, to pay the wage of someone who has not taken a pay cut..........
       Let's talk bonuses.  Bonuses for many companies stopped when layoffs began four years ago. The day  now involves just trying to keep the business going and employees working while keeping a small profit margin. Bonuses were always given for a job well done and in appreciation of hard work and consideration to complete the task. 


                        No minimum for workers' bonus

A COMPULSORY payment to workers at French firms will have no minimum limit, the government has said.
Negotiations between the government and business leaders over the prime aux salariés are continuing.
So the far the plans would make it compulsory for any firms with more than 50 staff that pay out dividends to shareholders to also pay a bonus to their employees.
Budget minister François Baroin said that the bonus would be paid this year and would go to some eight million workers.
Originally the government had spoken of sums around €1,000, and has said that any bonuses paid up to this amount would be exempt from most social charges.

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  1. Dang French workers are just as greedy as the dang Wall Street bankers...


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