Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden Raid Revives Debate on Value of Torture

      Bin Laden is Dead.  Stories will be coming to light for many days and questions of the true happenings on that day for years to come. Can we move on?  Books will be written, stories true and false will be told.
      Put me in the column of believers that he is dead and also a believer of the methods of interrogations needed to get that job done.  I am more concerned with the safety of our fine military men and women.  When at war, tactics need to be used.  Think of it in another way; you perform your job and you get paid.  The picture of the dead Bin Laden should not be hidden...........we can take it.  Can not be half as bad as those pictures of people on fire jumping from the top floors of the Twin Towers...............NOW THAT WAS TORTURE!


New York Times:
As intelligence officials disclosed the trail of evidence that led to the compound in Pakistan where Bin Laden was hiding, a chorus of Bush administration officials claimed vindication for their policy of “enhanced interrogation techniques” like waterboarding.

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