Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NC gov. signs ‘Ethen’s law’: makes unborn child a separate victim in violent crime

    I am for Ethen's law.   A sad situation of a reported murder is always made worse when a news reporter or TV anchor refers to a lost baby as 'the fetus', does not matter how close to birth the mother is at the time.  Not everyone agrees, obviously, but in such a horrible case of a death of a pregnant women, some one has lost a child and also a grand child in the tragedy...............  

Jenna Nielson was eight months pregnant with Ethen when she was stabbed to death. The new law is named after her son.
The law is named for Jenna Nielsen’s unborn son, Ethen. Nielsen, a 22-year-old newspaper carrier with two young children, was eight-and-a-half-months pregnant with Ethen when she was stabbed to death June 14, 2007 outside a Raleigh convenience store. Nielsen was restocking USA Today papers, as a way to supplement her husband’s income before the birth of their newest baby, when she was murdered.

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