Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman: I'm renouncing my US citizenship

      Even the heroes are leaving the United States. 

           I don't know, is it because his property taxes and income taxes have become more than he can afford?  Is he not respected as much as in years past?  Leaping over those tall buildings in a single bound does do a number on the knees and joints,  since he is not a union member, maybe medical bills are too high!!  Hero outfits have become hard to find in this country as most garments are manufactured over seas.  Good Luck to Superman and Lois and will look to see them on House Hunting International. 

          Now, has anyone seen Batman lately?  Last I heard he had traded in the Bat Mobile in the cash for clunkers program and was purchasing a two door Hyundai.


  1. Does Superman have a birth certificate or any other documentation proving he is an American citizen?

  2. Personally, I always liked Lex Luther better.

  3. This is not the real Superman.
    The real one was played by George Reeves and would never do this.

  4. I don't know fuzzy's dad, have you seen the birth certificate???? (long form)

  5. Superman does say he has a birth certificate and that he will make it public when Mr. Trump declares run for the White House.

  6. US immigration files from the 1960s show that Barack Obama Snr was forced to leave Harvard University before completing his PhD, due in part to concerns raised earlier about his “playboy ways” and his financial arrangements. Obama Snr was forced to leave the United States in 1964 even though he had completed much of the work for his PhD, says a Boston Globe story on Friday about the immigration documents. Was disastrous “For Obama, then 28 and widely expected to be a key player back in his native Kenya

    Now we are finally starting to get some actual facts. So what really made Obama release birth certificate?
    Was it a coincidence that it was done right before the story of his Father being kicked out of Harvard and out of the United States? Maybe he was afraid that Trump was going to jump the gun and tell the story first?

    This is just starting to become fun folks. I think that even if Trump doesn't run...he’s not going to just go away. Get the pop corn ready, the show is just starting.
    Donald has the "O" by the balls and he’s starting to apply the pressure.

  7. We don't need no steeenkin Superman.
    We've got NAVY SEALS!

  8. Amen Opus #6!!! While Obama gets a 'bump' the Navy Seals remain the real heroes.....


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