Friday, April 8, 2011

Can this republic be saved

   As everyone knows by now Glen Beck is leaving his 5:00 show on Fox sometime this summer.  The point is not was he let go or did he leave on his own terms.   I think the point is that he gave us much information to ponder and told us never to just believe him but to get the facts for ourselves.
I have to admit his format had changed in the past year and I did miss the fact that the guest were limited.  I just do not want the liberals to think just because the show has ended  the Tea Party is gone and that the fight is over. I have seen many changes in 60 years of our rights being lost or given away only to be replaced by more government intrusion into our liberties.  What this government does to one it does to all and it might not be such a good thing.  We need a leader in the White House and we need no politician in office for more than two terms.


CREATION is the key word in the Socialist Party’s list of 30 key targets for the 2012 presidential campaign, with plans for 300,000 jobs for young people, a new tax to include both impĂ´t sur le revenu and the CSG social charge, and a new ceiling for rents.
The party will pay for its new measures by getting rid of €50 billion of the €70bn of “useless” tax advantages such as the bouclier fiscal tax shield, the non-taxation of overtime, reductions in VAT for restaurants. It will also retain the ISF wealth tax.
If elected in the 2012 presidential campaign, the party will also give foreign people the right to vote in local elections.
However, parts of the plan have been attacked from right and left as just a rehashing of old policies. The plan for 300,000 jobs “for the future” over five years by setting up an environmental innovation programme has been criticised along with plans for an anonymous CV as just a rehashing of policies from the era of former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.
Elsewhere, the party plans to restore the retirement age at 60.
It also plans to pull out of nuclear energy in 20 years by changing the mix of power sources and encouraging renewable energy.
A variable VAT rate will be introduced for products and projects with an ecological impact: increasing VAT for pollutants.
Oil company profits will be taxed to help pay for aid in insulating properties and developing renewable energy.
A public investment bank will be set up to give France back its “competitivity and performance” and to promote agriculture and put “the economy before finance”.
It will limit “pay abuses” in companies with partial state participation by setting a pay ceiling for bosses – a proposal that has already seen suggestions that it would mean halving the salaries of the bosses of Renault and EDF. Bonuses and stock options would be taxed in the same way as pay.
Pay equality for the sexes would be guaranteed as a condition of companies keeping exonerations on social charges. Company taxes would also be reduced for firms who reinvested profits, but increased for those who paid them out in dividends.
Two moves against discrimination are planned by giving homosexuals the right to get married and by introducing the widescale introduction of anonymous CVs.
Rental property abuses will be halted by limiting the amount rents can be raised, especially in high-demand areas.

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