Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Budget Problem...............What Government Budget Problem?

    Our government does not have a budget problem, it has a spending problem.  They spend what they do not even have!!!!  Damn that I'll pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today attitude. 

Boston gets 'Green Communities' award, funding

Boston officials plan to use some of the funds for energy conservation measures, such as energy-saving auto igniters for natural gas streetlights and lighting controls at municipal ball fields. Officials also are planning an upgrade of the energy management system for the Copley Library and four library branches.
The upgrades are expected to cut the city’s energy costs by approximately $235,000 a year, according to the city.
The Energy and Environmental Affairs office has awarded $3.6 million over the past month to the state’s newest Green Communities, 18 cities and towns. There are now 53 official Green Communities in Massachusetts, who are eligible for awards to fund renewable power and energy efficiency projects that aim to advance state and local clean energy goals, according to the office.

            Am I wrong?  Didn't we once have gas street lights? I do no for a fact that solar street lights work very well.  And how many libraries does a town, city, state, country........really need anyway??????  Look around, do you see anyone actually USING a library????? 

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