Thursday, April 7, 2011

How much for that Fenway gin and tonic?

The Red Sox have their home opener tomorrow and we are all still waiting for a win (6-0) !  A 'high ball' was once thought to be just a good pitch. 

Now that the the Boston Red Sox have convinced the Boston Licensing Board to allow them to expand the sale of hard liquor at friendly Fenway, we would be remiss, as a business publication, to ignore the economic implications of the decision. Where boozes flows, money follows.
In a recently blog, I bloviated about the Sox management's move to ply more alcohol on what is already a tipsy fan base. The mayor and the police didn't like the idea. Nor did the neighborhood. But the Sox, along with their licensing uber-lawyer Dennis Quilty, finessed their way to first base, so to speak.

             Much more fun and less expensive to go watch the local little league play.  

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