Friday, February 25, 2011

Let Me See Your Papers....................

VILLA RICA, Ga. - A Girl Scout leader says young members of her troop thought they were headed to jail when a Georgia police officer told them to quit selling cookies.
The girls had set up a stand at a strip mall in Villa Rica about 30 miles west of Atlanta on Wednesday when the officer asked them if they had a peddler's permit. They didn't.
Troop Leader Kathy Crook told WXIA-TV in Atlanta that she was stunned. She says the scouts were told to pack it up.
And she says the younger members thought they would be taken to jail.
The city's police chief and mayor spoke with the officer. They say he did nothing wrong and that it was a misunderstanding.
The troop now has a permit to sell. And to smooth things over, the city is offering the scouts a pizza party. paid............sell those cookies........Girl Scout Cookies


  1. This is a great lesson for these young girls on the authoritian police nanny state that we have become.

  2. The girls and their corrupt leader were engaging in subversive behavior as running dog lackeys of the compradores of capitalism. How DARE they peddle their wares without government approval - and oversight? Now that they are marching in lock step with the GREAT LEAP FORWARD, they will be rewarded by the State...

    Yes, I'm being absurd - sort of like that police officer.


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