Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why do you Need a Union to take care of You?

     You might not want to believe it, but our government is out of money.  Why do you union members need someone else to speak and think for you?  Do you not have your own voice and mind and rights to do so yourself.  I am sure most of you came from legal immigrant stock  many years ago looking for work and a way to feed your families.

     We are hurting for jobs now in this country and companies by the dozens are moving production overseas.  Why not join me and help your country with actions not rhetoric and stop the whining.  Join me, quit the union that is taking money from you, and start a business of your own and create some good paying jobs out there for the millions of unemployed.  I am not talking about the fireman, or policeman, who work at their second job when not on duty and compete with me.  I am talking about you, the working man, becoming the boss, like the union boss, and being in charge of your own destiny.

     Oh, it is not easy.....long hours, twelve months out of the year, not just six.  Sometimes you may even be able to take a week's vacation..... every other year.  No sleeping on the job, you are on call, day and night, 24/7.  It is ok, you have 45 years till you are able to retire to make up any sleep you loose.  You may get a holiday, three or four at best.  No automatic sick time...... no work, no pay.  A worker  has been known to get time away from his or her job in case of  an emergency or to take care of a family member, no arbitration needed, just good work relations between the worker and owner (that could be you) of the company.  You are the boss, the maker of your own destiny. If one of your workers is constantly late, does faulty work, or is collecting unemployment insurance from the state while still working for you or "under the table".... you still have to pay.  But then again, that is where the dollars come from to pay the taxes to pay the public employees........Y O U!!!  Oh, you are also required to offer and pay health premiums to your workers, it is the law, but you can afford it because you are the boss.  Come join me and start a business, be the boss, a leader, not just a sign holding follower in the crowd.

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