Monday, January 17, 2011

When is Canandian Salmon not Canadian Salmon

Being a consumer of much salmon, this story caught my attention.  I have a friend that turns his nose down if the Salmon offered him is born and bread on some farm.  Looks like he will have still another worry as to where the Salmon actually did originate. 

An obscure Vancouver-based company claims it can solve these conundrums, making salmon consumption more sustainable by producing a palatable farmed product. It aims to produce fish that’s environmentally pure enough to appeal even to picky eaters such as Ms. Woods.
But there’s a catch. Instead of using open-net pens, AgriMarine Holdings Inc. is growing Pacific salmon inside giant fibreglass and metal tanks. And AgriMarine is doing most of its work in China, using Canadian-sourced fish eggs. That has some B.C. fishermen fuming; they accuse AgriMarine of selling off Canada’s “genetic code.”

US companies continue to bet on China's growth

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