Monday, January 17, 2011

"Baby Doc'' Duvalier returns to Haiti.......... if that poor country does not have enough problems.  How did this criminal get back onto the island.  Does anyone else other than myself think his is there to make the best of a bad situation and again reign havoc on his people.  Some people may find it puzzling to see him return but I see it as menacing......  The people on the island do not even have a home they are able to go and hide in.

Duvalier, the playboy son of a medical doctor, landed at the Port-au-Prince international airport Sunday evening. He was tapped by his ill father in 1971 to fill an imminent political vacuum -- even though he was only 19 at the time -- and ran the country in a corrupt though less violent fashion than his dictator father, Fran├žois ``Papa Doc'' Duvalier.

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