Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Day another Half Dollar

   Back to work today, seems like Monday all over again.  Seeing that I worked from home yesterday, because of the blizzard, I got to change it up and do both jobs periodically during my day.  Little payroll, little shoveling, little laundry, you know how that is.  Couldn't even break for a soap opera because of full day coverage by the news of snow damage and snow depth and people out standing in the snow!
   We had two inquiries from job hunters, that has not happened for weeks.  Sadly, we are in no hurry to hire new employees as our customers are still holding back on need-to-do projects. Working harder for less money seems to be the way of life for many these days.
   Still not seeing any big recovery and are hearing of competitors selecting to take second jobs on night shifts to pay the bills.  Word has it today that still another customer (Matheson Gas) is packing up production, leaving Massachusetts and heading south. The fact still remains that more manufacturing jobs that pay good wages are gone.
    Did see some of the President in Arizona last night.  The whole memorial seemed more like a pep rally to me and I was a little put off on all the hooting and applauding.  Lots of politicians in the front rows where the people who subdued the perpetrator should have been seated and recognized???  The good thing, people brought together to heal and even speak the word or God.   I thought the President, though long winded, did a good job with his speech and tried to distance himself from the liberal rhetoric and finger pointing suggesting that the shooting was the fault of the Tea Party or Sarah Palin....

Philly Fed Revises December Factory Activity Lower


 The worse-than-expected weekly report comes on the heels of Friday's worse-than-expected December jobs report that failed to live up to high expectations.


                                                          Figures lie and liars figure

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