Monday, January 17, 2011

Shocker at the Golden Globe Awards

  Not the award winners, the host!  Did anyone see the show last night?  Does anyone really care?
As I was trying to forget about the Patriot's lost and miserable game I had just witnessed, I was flipping the channels.  That host had actually done what many have tried to do before him....................left the crowd in the audience open mouthed and speechless. The Hollywood crowd did not seem pleased to say the least, but I was pleasantly amused.
     This guy was giving the crowd just what they did not want to hear...........mostly the truth

But by the end of the star-studded bash, many were left debating whether he had gone too far in his jibes at the gathered celebrities and even organisers the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).


  1. Movie folk have huge egos. Glad someone brought them back to reality..

  2. Finally! All I've seen are posts about how happy they are about the game. Patriots fan here, too. So sad.

    As to this guy, whatever. I don't watch awards shows anymore, and never watched the Golden Globes when I did (just the Oscars back in the day when it was likely I'd seen the nominated movies, heh). Brits tend to have a more scathing, dry sense of humor, I appreciate it, but I can see how it sounds harsh to American ears.

  3. I do not watch any of the award shows anymore either. Maybe because I do not even recognize the movies or actors anymore. I prefer watching a good comedy, like watching Washington the past two years. (or maybe that is a tragedy)

  4. This was the first time that I didn't shut off the show or change the channel.


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