Tuesday, January 18, 2011


   Manufacturing is gone in the United States of America.  It was given away by the politicians and the unions.

  Look around your home, office, or school, do you see anything 'made in America'?  Some politicians believe in a minimum wage to boost the income of the family unit.   Are any of you small business owners who are working more and for less money, just to keep in business. Makes no sense.  Soon doctors and nurses will be added to the group who have their pay mandated by the government if Obamacare comes to pass.

People who have been in the labor force for years and out of that good paying job, are forced to take what once was considered entry level jobs, retail, food, yard, etc.  A company should not be forced to pay more than a job is worth just to satisfy a minimum wage scale.  In the days gone by, an older worker would retire and pass on the job to the new, younger worker.  The elderly are keeping their jobs longer, because they have to.  This all comes down to the logic that cities, towns, and states will no longer have the tax income to pay the pensions that for years were overlooked because the money was there.  Has anyone taken into consideration  the falling home values, how long can a town manipulate the property tax to satisfy the budget?

The worth in a job is in the experience and training, not in the dollar amount alone. 

If you had a choice to buy a foreign, cheaper made car vs an American car, and you happen to belong to a union, what choice did you make?  The days have past that we can compete with cheaper made products in developing countries.   What is worse, soon we will not even be able to afford the foreign made product because we have no job and we have no money to spend.

Now, I will finish work and go home and shovel snow from yet another snow and ice storm.  Where have those kids gone that used to ring the door bell asking, "need us to shovel your drive-way lady" ??? I could really use the help now................... at minimum wage of course and making sure they have their own liability insurance..

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  1. America's own problems internal maybe a cause of this ... lets face it, America has some very serious domestic problems. Also America has lost most of its industry and what is left we have problems with, our cost of labor is so high compared to other countries, especially Asian, that we don’t stand a chance of exporting anything including automobiles.


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