Friday, January 28, 2011

Moore Jobs by American Company.........................going overseas

    Yes, we continue.  Growth and the stock market are both up. Push that solar and alternative energy.   I did install solar panels and the ones that were made in the US of A.  If we are going to invest more, as the president has told us, would it not be a good idea to invest with some good paying jobs so we would have something to export to other countries besides politicians full of hot air.

U.S. Solar Firm to Build $300 Million Vietnam Plant

Arizona-based First Solar said on Jan. 26 that  it will build a $300 million factory in Vietnam, boosting the country's efforts to reinvent itself as a hub for high-tech manufacturing. First Solar said Vietnamese authorities had approved the investment in Ho Chi Minh City's Cu Chi district, in the south of the country. The facility will employ around 600 people and production is expected to begin in the second half of next year, a company spokeswoman said.
Vietnam is still a rural-based society that has relied on natural resources and unskilled labor to achieve growth. But the country's leaders now speak of moving to a more technologically advanced system of production.
"You're seeing more and more high-tech firms come into Vietnam," outgoing United States ambassador Michael Michalak said at his farewell press conference this month. He cited First Solar's plans as an example.
In October the Intel opened a billion-dollar plant in Ho Chi Minh City.



  1. Of course - and this will make the dollar stronger and encourage the American work force. Mercy

  2. Obama and the fools in government (many of whom have never had real jobs) don't get it - and maybe never will.

    (1) Capital is fluid. If taxes, costs and incentives are not favorable in one country, the capital will move to where it is.

    (2) Punitive taxes means that the people with means will find someplace else in the US to live -- or they'll live somewhere else if they're wealthy enough.

    (3) The middle class always turns out to be the looser.


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