Friday, January 28, 2011

Put down the weapons and no one will get hurt....................

Can I just tell you that my oldest son has never forgiven me for selling his GI Joe doll at one of my many yard sales years ago. 
That said, are you kidding me!  I swear, (sometimes) are the powers that be just trying to make little boys who are still interested in playing with toy soldiers feel it is be wrong to do???  What next, frisking of GI Joe at the airports? This was only a gift and this poor lady was put through hell, for what?

A Canadian tourist in Britain says security personnel at Gatwick Airport wouldn’t let her board a plane with a plastic toy soldier holding a four-inch rifle, saying the resin “firearm” was a threat to passenger safety.
“They told me it was a gun and that I was not allowed to take it on the plane,” Ms. Lloyd recounted from her home in Oakville, Ont., Thursday. “I showed them politely that it had no moveable parts and no hole down the gun barrel. But they kept saying it was a gun.”

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