Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where will we get our oil after today?

         It is a beautiful day in the Northeast. Temp is 29degrees and it is not snowing.

        The President spoke last week on how things in the country are progressing nicely due to his reign of last two years.  I beg to differ, what is of more concern to me is not the two parties sitting together, is not using the word target in a sentence or by some TV stations on air.  The big concern is Egypt and the people who are suffering under 30% unemployment and a ruler, not unlike Castro, who has stated he will rule for life.

      Unfortunately for us the middle east could soon be in the hands of a different leader, maybe one not so inclined to favor the United States.  What we can do about that here may be nothing but this should send up red flags to our smarter than me legislators to look to our own country and the policy of our dependence on foreign oil.  Alternative energy is great, but we are still in the early stages of implementation. Our coal and our gas is even more important today than yesterday.  God bless the middle east but God help the United States in regards to leadership, the right kind.

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