Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is Snowing Again

  Dawn is breaking and the ground is covered with yet another blanket of fresh and heavy snow.  It is beautiful but I am working from home and my husband is out plowing the stuff.  All state and government officials have been told to stay home if they are classed as a non-emergency official? (huh) Well, some of us have to still work to get paid and to pay the man and those who are home along with the kids not in school.
I still have the Arizona shooting on my mind and the families who are going through such a terrible tragedy.
The rhetoric continues and some still want you to believe that us Teaparty members are the cause.  The media and most politicians are so removed from the public that they need more meetings with them, not less.  We do not need new gun laws either, just enforcement of the ones on the books.  It was told today that gun sales have sky rocketed in the past few days.  Is that because of fear of one's neighbor or fear of restricting guns again the discussion in the Capital.  I ask you, when President Reagan was shot, did the liberals blame the media? And President did have many body guards, as did President Kennedy.  We are a large country and when the mental health facilities were closed, the help for deranged people was gone.  Let us demand people be held responsible for their actions and not create new laws because the laws already in place are not being served.

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  1. It was really a sad day in America when the mental health facilities were closed. So many of the clients were just put out on the streets. I think they make up the homeless least the majority.


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