Monday, August 23, 2010

Good News and Bad News for a Monday Morning

     I survived the weekend, that is the good news.  Survived the dentist first thing this morning, that is the good news.

     Still trying to survive the economy,  that for a small family run business is still very difficult with the recession  still an issue.  If you are a large, world wide, national company, things seem to be going well the way the acquisitions are continuing .  If the trend continues, of companies buying up other companies, all of us who want to work will be working for the government or two or three large firms still able to operate in the states.  The small family business, farm, and grocery store down the street will soon only be remembered as the back drop in some printed picture found in the attic at Nana's house at the yard sale.


              Just an observation on this gloomy, end of summer Monday...............

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  1. The family farm is long gone for the most part, unfortunately.


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