Friday, April 16, 2010

Mistakes and rate increases will be made with government take over of health care

    From the land of universal health comes INCREASES and MISTAKES. 
Soon to be nation wide...........ah, INCREASES and MISTAKES!

 Important Information: Changes to Massachusetts Health Tax

At the end of March, the state of Massachusetts announced a
change to their Universal Health Insurance (UHI) tax rate for
employers whose businesses began prior to 2006. Beginning with
the first quarter, 2010, the UHI tax rate for these employers
has been increased from 0.12% to 0.24%. Rates for other
employers remained unchanged. Below is a summary of the 2010
- If you began doing business in MA prior to 10/1/06, your UHI
rate has increased from 0.12% to 0.24%
- If you began doing business in MA between 10/1/06 and
9/30/07, your UHI rate remains at 0.08%
- If you began doing business in MA between 10/1/07 and
9/30/08, your UHI rate remains at 0.04%
- If you began doing business in MA beginning 10/01/08 or later
(Newly Subject Employers), or you have fewer than 6 employees,
your UHI rate remains at 0.0%.

Notices mailed to employers by the state of Massachusetts contained an incorrect rate of   "0.00%"
for the UHI rate. Massachusetts has published a bulletin about this correction.


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  2. Like anything politicians promise ever turns out to be the truth.


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