Monday, April 19, 2010


I know, "progress is progress" but is loosing all our industries worth the price? More condos and more federal buildings coming to Lowell who now only has a museum to remind us that we were a productive country and we did make goods and products and our people could find work!

The project is due for completion in a year, Sparrow says, yielding 130 one- and two-bedroom affordable units of artists' live/work space. The $60 million project is also designed to use 15 acres of vacant and underutilized land as a bridge between the downtown and the Gallagher Terminal transportation center on the other side of the Lord Overpass.
Along the way, falling bricks from an archway led to minor injuries for one worker and emergency personnel, and last month, the state announced a delay in building a $200 million federal courthouse, a key part of the district. 

Need I forget to mention, we are not working today in Massachusetts (well some of us are) because it is Patriot's Day and time for running the Boston Marathon and another state paid holiday.

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