Friday, April 16, 2010


Our Congressmen are our representatives, not our leaders. They work for us and will do our bidding. Do what the majority of the people want. At the founding of our Republic, distances and time made it mandatory that a person from a geographical area was sent to a central government location to represent the wishes of those people that sent them. With our instant communications now, any Congressman, Senator etc. can know, without a doubt, what the majority of their constituents want. Americans choice for winner of 'American Idol' takes only a matter of hours… the whole country, but I digress.
We attended two of Congressman Tierney's town hall meetings. There were a lot of very angry people there. I was one of the chosen ones to ask our Congressman questions. The first question: Are you and your family going to receive the exact same health care as me and my family? He strung together a litany of words that would have made Shakespeare and Ernest Hemingway green with envy. I took that as a NO.
Second question: What are your feelings about term limits? His answer was short and to the point. "We have elections". Thank you Mr. Tierney for your guidance in this matter.
The President of our United States has a term limit, maybe it is time all the rest should too.

P.S. Please, do not test us again when immigration and the value added tax issues come up!

Thanks to my husband for this letter to the editor

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  1. Hi Lady Di, I can't wait until November. Obummer is making alot of the base who elected him mad, the gays, the illegal aliens, etc. etc.
    It will be really interesting in Chicago!
    I hope your week is going well.


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